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End of the PC Era

The turning point of mobile vs. desktop search.

On Tuesday Google announced a suite of new features to make search even better. Most of the features focusing on the mobile experience.

  • Voice Search: “The Internet. Now available on your desktop PC”. This works fairly well on Android and is now on Chrome.
  • Image Search: Explore the web in a new way – by taking photos of stuff you want to search for.
  • Instant Pages: Speeding up page loading. Would be great for mobile but it’s currently for Chrome desktop only.


I remember listening to Eric Schmidt at the 2010 GSMA conference when he announce that Google would be putting “mobile first” in their overall engineering plans moving forward. Looks like we’ve reached the turning point where more people are accessing the internet through mobile vs. desktop computers.

Have you noticed a shift in how your customers access your website? Chances are you’re seeing a lot more traffic coming from mobile as well.

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